A Superior Marketplace for Lawyers (and Other Professionals) Looking For Clients

lawyers and clients
A better marketplace for lawyers looking for clients

As many lawyers have already found, our marketplace offers a unique and powerful new model for lawyers looking to take on new clients.

But don’t just take our word for it, prominent attorney and legal blogger, Carolyn Elefant, recognized the potential power of Hire.Bid when we launched our bare-bones beta version: Hire.Bid — Convert Time and Expertise Into Money With Hire.Bid.

As stated by Ms. Elefant:

So how is Hire.bid different from the myriad of on demand, auction or legal consults on the spot platforms cropping up ever day? Well, for starters, Hire.bid though started by a lawyer isn’t limited to lawyers — so you can find web developers, financial analysts, graphic designers and other professionals. Second, service providers set the price for their services rather than the platform setting rates or extracting discounts.

But in my view, the Hire.bid’s unique selling proposition is that it facilitates the buying and selling of discrete blocks of time, and in so doing, removes the transaction costs to these micro-projects. For example, I frequently field calls from community organizers, municipal officials or even other attorneys who want information on how the FERC pipeline certificate process works. Many of these callers are willing to pay a few hundred dollars for my insight — yet by the time I draft a retainer agreement, send an invoice and take the call, it’s almost not worth it so instead, I wind up giving away advice for free. A system like Hire.bid removes those transaction costs (at least I think it does by processing fees through the site). I could include the scope work in the description of services, a customer would click and I’d be paid. Plus, I could offer the time in blocks that doesn’t interrupt my day (which is also an added cost).

In addition to providing a superior marketplace for in-demand professionals, Hire.Bid works much better than existing online marketplaces for many other types of gigs — for example, on-demand work. If you are short-staffed and you need a few extra hands to help at the last minute with a landscaping gig, a catering gig, a contracting gig, a moving gig, etc., the Hire.Bid model will, in many cases, work better than other online marketplace models.

And, of course, it also works well for individuals who have full-time jobs and just want to make some extra money with their free time on nights and weekends.

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