Hire.Bid has released a major new update

Log In to Hire.Bid using Facebook

We’re happy to report we rolled out some major improvements today, including implementing social logins with Facebook, Google, or Github. The social logins make our authentication process more secure for our users, and also makes it even easier to sign up and either hire professionals and/or auction off your time to clients on the marketplace.

And we made some other updates. Your Hire.Bid account will be connected to the email address which you used to sign up to each social service. In order to enhance security, if you signed up with different email addresses on the 3 social providers, then you should use the same provider each time you log in to Hire.Bid in order to use the same Hire.Bid account.

We are thrilled about all the great feedback we’ve received about our marketplace, and we are even more thrilled about all the professionals auctioning off their free time to new clients on our marketplace, and all the clients hiring talented professionals, on demand.

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