Meet an elite business and technology consultant and web developer

elite business and technology consultant
John Purtle, an elite business and technology consultant

John Purtle, from Des Moines, Iowa, is an experienced independent consultant with development chops where it counts – the application of technology in your business. He doesn’t just crank out code but rather he’ll work with you from discovery to deploy so your business can be successful.

John’s number one goal is that you get a solution to your problem, whether he develops it or finds a solution that works with a bit of fiddling and integration in your system. He also wants to make sure that the data you get from your projects is clear, valuable and actionable.

John also has experience in cutting edge campaigns such as the application of Virtual Reality to increase brand engagement, reduce costs of inventory/space and as selling tools. That includes the physical production of props and platforms.

John is happy to do contract projects or hop on a call during his available times to talk through your needs and what solutions are out there for you.

To view John’s availability and hire him for a short consultation or longer project, visit his Hire.Bid profile page:

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