Renovation or Remodeling in the Lower 48 States From a Skilled Contractor

skilled contractor
Meet Fred Thurlow, who is willing to work for you anywhere in the lower 48 states

Meet Fred Thurlow, a skilled contractor from Princeton, Maine. While Hire.Bid often focuses on connecting professionals and clients on high-end business, technical, and legal work, we also have exceptional professionals in a variety of other industries offering their time on the marketplace.

Fred had owned his own renovating and remodeling business for 10 years. 4 years ago he had to shut down because his father got sick. His father passed away about a month ago, and now Fred is just trying to get back on his feet.

Fred is auctioning off 1 week of his time on the Hire.Bid marketplace. He will work anywhere in the Lower 48. He’s built additions in less time. Total of 84 working hours. He is even willing to bring a tent and a sleeping bag, and will stay until either completion of the job, or one week, depending on the agreed upon terms.

You can bid on Fred’s available time to hire him here:

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